Your fees

None. You don't pay for anything upfront. All the fees come out of each donation made to your page.

Processing fees

6% ( $1 minimum ) Compare this to other services that average around 8.0% and more.

Compare us to other services

Hipster Pug Facebook GoFundMe IndieGoGo
Donation Amount$50$50$50$50
Fees Applied6% ( $1 minimum )6.9% + $0.307.9% + $0.308% + $0.30
Fee Total $3.00$3.75$4.25$4.30
You Receive $47.00$46.25$45.75$45.70
Hipster Pug has a $1 minimum fee, ex: 6% of a $10.00 donation comes out to $0.60, but we charge $1 for the fee, which means you receive $9.00.

What are the fees covering?

The majority of the fees are covering credit card processing. The remainder of the fees maintain the site and allow for continued development of new features and content.

Ready to get started?

Creating a page is simple and straight forward. We take as much guess work out of the process as we can.